Interrupting Your Regular Scheduled Program

My next blog was going to be a follow up to my previous posting, but something else became more important. Recently, two Black men have been murdered by the police and I’ve had enough! How many unarmed or “armed” Black people will continue to get murdered by the police? How many police officers will get away with taking someone else’s life for no reason and suffer no consequences besides a “paid vacation”? I wish the answer could be none.

This has been going on far too long way before Trayvon Martin like Oscar Grant, Sean Bell and even before them but the uproar seemed to come about when Trayvon Martin was killed back in 2012. We were disgusted but more so angry when George Zimmerman was found not guilty. Following this, the Black Lives Matter movement developed and racist white people were mad.  Instead of really hearing us out, they got defensive. They felt left out, like a five year old seeing other kids getting candy. All Lives Didn’t matter until we said Black lives mattered. They felt that the movement was excluding other lives (let’s be honest more importantly white lives) and ONLY black lives mattered. That was never the message, only the message that they wanted to hear. We never said that Black people were the only people getting killed by the police but instead we stated that Black people are DISPROPORTIONATELY murdered by the police and not having any consequences. That is the message! Understand the message before you say anything against the movement.

Now All Lives Matter isn’t the only invalid argument stupid people keep making towards the BLM. People bring up Black on Black crime but fail to realize that “Black on Black crime” is a social construct and in actuality just crime. Oh let’s not forget that people bring up that Blue Lives Matter when a few cops had been unwrongfully murdered recently. Not to say their lives don’t matter but how is it that Blue Lives Matter is valid when a few cops have been killed BUT Black Lives Matter is not when HUNDREDS of Black lives have been taken away from families, friends and communities?

I challenge everyone to educate themseleves about this mattered and our history, ask questions before defensively saying something negative about BLM. Oh, I am going to make it clear, I can go on and on about this issue and until change is made, I will continue to make noise!

Peace and Power ✌️✊




The Time I Realized My Personal Growth.

So I’ve been going through a tough time for a few weeks now. Ironically this isn’t something I haven’t experienced before. Now I won’t go in too much detail just yet because it will overshadow my message…….Before I got accustom to college, I use to worry like there was no tomorrow. I would get so stressed out that I would literally get sick. I would wear down my immune system and be sick as a dog.

There were times that I worried so much about money such as tuition, that I would lose focus on other things. I would worry so much about things in school that I would have annual mental breakdowns calling my mom crying and feeling helpless. I remember always being told to stop worrying so much, don’t stress yourself out but it was easier said than done.

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve learned to allow things to happen how they are supposed to happen, even if it is not how we want or expect it to happen. I have learned to relax more, pray and let my situations run its course.

Once I was presented with my current situation, I learned how much I had grown from freshman year of college to now. I found a beauty inside of a stressful situation and it is some thing more grand than anything. Four years ago I would have been stressing myself to death not realizing that this is not only a learning experience but something I do not have control over.

So I challenge everyone out there to reflect on their tough situations and just let it happen how it is supposed to happen. Once you are able to internalize “this is supposed to happen”, things will be a lot easier even if at that time it does not seem as such.



Hey, Lauren here…

Soooooo it has been a very long time since I have made an appearance. Well life got to me lol or in other words adulting has gotten to me. I know, some people are probably saying “adulting isn’t a word” or “what is adulting?” Let me educate you real quick. Adulting is a word, in my book and it consist of doing adult things like being more responsible, having an 8-5 and paying bill (*sigh*). However, adulting isn’t all that bad depending on your situation and when I think of things that make adulting not that bad I’ll get back to you lol. Anyways, working Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM can be a drag and if your job is very predictable, you probably will not like adulting all that much. In a perfect world, I’d rather work four days a week and probably not 8 AM – 5 PM OR do something I really really love, that would make it easier. Unfortunately, I am not there yet and most people my age aren’t either, so its not that big of a deal. OKAY enough about adulting because I could go on and on.

Trying to balance everything that is going on is kind of difficult and blogging was put on the back burner. I had started to become more consistent with my post to get more readers and fell off. But like I said before, adulting has made things quite difficult. However, I am in the process of moving to a bigger and better city, I am hoping that adulting gets a little bit better for me. Unfortunately, bills will be more but the adult life will be better. I’ll be away from my family but I’ll be closer to extended family, some of my closest friends. It was never my intent to stay back home but it was the only choice I had post graduation.

After working my adult job for a few months, I realized that I had to go. The job I had was not for me, the city I lived in was too slow paced and I needed something that was more fast paced. Being in college, which is very fast paced, helped me experience things that made me want more. Living in my small hometown was clouding my thinking and affecting my mood. With those things blocked, I was unable to move forward. So once I was presented with the opportunity to leave, I took it. Don’t get me wrong, it was a hard decision not only was I leaving my mom but leaving a grandma that has dementia. I didn’t want to leave and come back a nobody in her eyes. I know eventually she’ll forget who I am, but I didn’t want to speed up the process; and the though of leaving my mom with all the work to care for my grandma sat in the back of my head. However, my mom told me that I shouldn’t worry and I needed to go. Once I heard those words, I felt better about my decision. The plus about leaving is that I am not going too far and will be able to come back if need be.

Aside of me letting my readers know that I am alive lol. The moral of my story is that adulting is hard and although things will happen in ways we don’t want them to happen, when opportunities present themselves, take it, you will never know where it may lead you.

Until next time…

Leigh Lo



Scattered Brain

It has been too long since I’ve written a post. Longer than my liking actually, but trying to balance everything is quite difficult at the moment. I want to get back to writing because so much is running through my head and honestly once I get back in the swing of things, I don’t know if I’ll know where to start. Until then, stay positive, stay hopeful and be blessed!